Monday, February 26, 2024

Iran’s Army starts massive drills in Strait of Hormuz, Indian Ocean

The Iranian Army begins large-scale military maneuvers involving various divisions of its forces in a zone spanning from the country’s southern ports and waters to the northern tip of the Indian Ocean.

The annual drills, codenamed Zolfaghar 1401, kicked off late on Thursday night and will be held in Iran’s southeastern regions, Makran coastlines, from the east of Hormuz Strait to Gwatr Port and the Sea of Oman, and in the northern tip of the Indian Ocean.

The exercises feature parts of the infantry, armored and mechanized units, surface, sub-surface and flying vessels, air defense systems, members of the marine commando force, and strategic bombers.

The drills’ spokesman, Brigadier General Alireza Sheikh, said the exercises are meant to promote training and combat readiness and implementing some operational and intelligence plans to improve the security of the region.

The commander of the drills, Deputy Army Chief Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said earlier on Thursday that the maneuvers bear the message that regional countries can ensure peace in their neighborhood through joint cooperation, without relying on outsiders.

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