Wednesday, December 6, 2023

IAEA removes UAE’s fake name for Persian Gulf islands

Another attempt by the UAE to lay claim to three Iranian-owned Persian Gulf islands was frustrated.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has removed a fake name used by the United Arab Emirates for three Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf.

The UN nuclear agency deleted a fake map of three Iranian islands of the Greater Tunb, the Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa published by the UAE that was used on the IAEA’s official website.

On its page on the IAEA Country Nuclear Power Profile (CNPP), the UAE used a fake name for the Persian Gulf and the three Iranian islands of Abu Musa, the Greater Tunb and the Lesser Tunb.

Following the UAE’s move, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran objected to the use of a forged name for the Persian Gulf and also the three Iranian islands.

The three islands have historically been part of Iran, proof of which can be found and corroborated by countless historical, legal, and geographical documents in Iran and other parts of the world. However, the United Arab Emirates has repeatedly laid claim to the islands.

The islands temporarily fell under British control in the 1800s, but were returned to Iran on November 30, 1971 through a legal procedure that preceded the establishment of the UAE as an independent state.

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