Friday, May 17, 2024

German ambassador summoned to Iran foreign ministry over ‘meddlesome stance”

Iranian deputy foreign minister for political affairs on Thursday morning, summoned German ambassador to Tehran in reaction to the “meddlesome stance of the German foreign minister” vis-à-vis the recent unrest and deadly riots in Iran.

Ali Bagheri, deputy foreign minister for political affairs, touched on the comments by some German officials that he said provoked rioting and law-breaking in Iran.

Bagheri described such stances as a breach of the rules and principles of international law and incompatible with the tradition of the long relations between the two countries.

Bagheri said the illegal meddling of some western countries is a driving factor for violence in peaceful rallies in Iran.

He stressed that violence and law-breaking not only contradict the right to peaceful rallying, but also disrupt public order and the security of each of the citizens.

The deputy foreign minister for political affairs underlined that some European countries have, in contradiction to their international obligations in fighting terrorism and countering hate-mongering, have turned into a refuge for terrorist groups and media.

The deputy foreign minister also referred to the inhuman effects and consequences of unilateral and cruel sanctions against Iran, stressing that unilateral sanctions are a systematic violation of the human rights of the Iranian nation.

He also touched on the deadly attack by Takfiri elements in Shah Cheragh shrine in the city of Shiraz, describing such terrorist acts as a continuation of moves to foment violence and chaos that are backed and provoked by some European countries and the US.

According to the latest, 15 people were killed and at least 19 others injured in the attack on Wednesday evening in Shiraz, Fars Province.

Hans-Udo Muzel, the German ambassador, in response, said that he will convey the viewpoints of the Iranian side to the relevant officials in Berlin.

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