Saturday, April 20, 2024

Gadget Developed to Connect Mobile Phones to Optical Devices

An Iranian inventor has, for the first time, devised a gadget that can be used to connect mobile phones and tablets to optical devices like microscopes and telescopes.

Mohammad Sabouri, an Iranian inventor, has developed an adaptor used to connect different types of mobile phones and tablets to microscopes, telescopes and various kinds of optical devices.

The innovation can turn gadgets into cameras, and has applications in medicine or other sciences where the naked eye is used to see, according to a Farsi report by Tasnim.

The innovated adaptor is installed next to the optical device and turns mobile phones and tablets into gadgets capable of taking photos or making films, which could be shared accordingly.

When optical devices are used, says the innovator, only one person is capable of seeing the scene from behind the ocular lens. But in some cases, it is possible to share the scene with others through the optical device.

“The scene could be anything from a microscope slide to celestial bodies,” he said.

He said the gadget he has innovated makes it possible for mobile phones or tablets to be installed next to optical devices and record films or take pictures after being adjusted to the required settings.

He claims his innovation is the first of its kind as no similar device had been developed until he devised the adaptor.

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