Flight Captained by Two Women for First Time in Iran

For the first time in Iran, two women pilots have captained a flight, which took over 160 passengers from Tehran to Mashhad and brought almost the same number of people back to Tehran.

Pilot Neshat Jahandari and co-pilot Forooz Firoozi were the captains of the flight to Mashhad with 160 passengers on board and back to Tehran with 171 passengers aboard on Monday.

A photo of the cockpit with the two women was released by Jahandari on her Instagram page.

Neshat Jahandari recently received her four stripes after her first independent flight, turning into the second woman airline pilot in Iran.

Jahandari is 29 years old. For the past four years, she has been working as a co-pilot for the Zagros Airlines. She has flown for 3,000 hours till now.

Neshat Jahandari Becomes Second Woman Airline Pilot of Iran

She began to work with the Zagros Airlines in the field of flight safety and the review of Flight Data Monitoring. About three and a half years later, the company needed a pilot; she passed the test and was accepted with merit.

At the age of 17, she began her pilot training classes, and at the same time studied at the University. She received her degree in Aviation Flight Engineering Technology.

Due to her interest in this field, after receiving her licence, she received all the flight-related documents for the airliners, such as the Commercial Pilot License and the Instrument Rating. Finally, her dream came true and she became a pilot.

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  1. Warmest congratulations to your achievements,


    YOU ARE a true inspiration for all womenkind.
    May stephan Hawkins, albert einstein, steve jobs, bill gates, ……… fall at your feet as they all are only men.

    The other day, I was a passenger on your plane, when I heard a PERSIAN LADY CAPTAIN IS FLYING THE PLANE, I was on cloud 9 with pride and joy.
    I asked one of the Air-stewardesses to pass my congratulations to you.

    Carry on with your great achievements and never give up to make your other big dreams come true as well.
    Well done.


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