Sunday, September 25, 2022

First 2017 Volvo Car to Go on Display in Iranian Fair

Following a few years of hiatus, Sweden’s Volvo Group has eventually resumed exporting its cars to Iran indirectly through its German partner Heico Sportiv.

An Iranian auto importer, Datis Khodro Company, which is the sole importer of cars manufactured by Germany’s Heico Sportiv in Iran, has eventually managed to import the first 2017 model of Volvo to the country through its German partner.

According to a Farsi report by ISNA, the model is a joint product of Heico Sportiv and Volvo Group.

Earlier, the Iranian company had announced that it was granted a license by Heico Sportiv to be the sole importer of the German firm’s products to Iran.

Volvo CarDatis Khodro Company has declared, “In the past, another Iranian firm used to import Volvo Group’s cars to the country, the license of which was revoked by the Swedish car manufacturer. This led to a pause in the imports of Volvo automobiles to Iran.”

The gap in the imports of Volvo cars to Iran took a few years, until, eventually, Datis Khodro managed to indirectly purchase Volvo XC90, the first 2017 model which is a Luxury SUV, from the German firm and imported it to Iran.

The car has been put on display in Datis Khodro’s car exhibition.

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