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Expert: Political decision taken in Iran for a deal

An Iranian political analyst says Iran has made its mind politically to reach a deal with the P4+1 and the US.

Reza Nasri maintained that Iran’s announcement that it is ready to attend at the meeting of foreign ministers in Vienna is a signal that a political decision has been made in Tehran to conclude an agreement.

He also said it is natural that Iran’s response does not completely match the US expectation or that there are differences over revising the text.

Nasri added that the truth is that Iran and the West have agreed in principle and the differences that seemed insoluble have been settled and the two sides have overcome political obstacles to a large extent.

However, according to the analyst, due to the US’s dark track record, Iran insists on reaching a text that the other side cannot interpret to its own benefit later.

Nasri noted that it is not fair to interpret Iran’s insistence as a sign of its unwillingness to reach a deal.

He warned that postponing the agreement until after Congressional elections in the US will make it more difficult for the two sides to reach a deal.

Nasri said the safeguards issue is important for both sides but Iran’s sensitivity stems from its relations with the IAEA.

The political expert said Iran does not trust the agency and believes it’s biased.

Nasri underlined that three historical experiences made Iran skeptical of the IAEA including what happened in 2006 when the agency’s Board of Governors referred Tehran’s case to the UN Security Council without meeting legal requirements for this to happen.

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