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Europeans Should Not Tie JCPOA to Iran Missile Program: Larijani

Iranian Parliament Speaker has warned the European countries against tying the Iran nuclear deal with the country’s missile program.

In a Saturday meeting with Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi in Tehran, Larijani urged the European countries to stick to their commitments under the nuclear deal and pressurise the US into fulfilling its obligations.

“Iran has always remained committed to the nuclear deal and will observe its commitments under the deal but only as long as the other sides continue to do so,” he was quoted as saying in a Farsi report by ICANA.

He also praised the regional role of Oman and Sultan Qaboos as constructive and beneficiary and said Tehran and Muscat have always had good and close relations with each other.

Iran’s Parliament speaker described the regional situation as chaotic and said all regional states should avoid any measure that might exacerbate the current unrest in the region.

“Today, Iran’s missile program has turned into a concern for some states. But the main question is why they are concerned about our program? We have had the missile technology since 30 years ago and during this time we have never fired even a single missile at any country in the region. The technology is not a new achievement for us,” he noted.

Europeans Should Not Tie JCPOA to Iran Missile Program: Larijani
Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani meeting with Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi in Tehran on March 17, 2018 / Photo by ICANA

Larijani underlined that Iran’s presence in countries like Iraq and Syria is at the request of their governments. “We have always sought to find political solutions to the crises in these countries.”

“Oman Interested in Expansion of Ties with Iran”

For his part, Oman’s foreign minister said there are appropriate grounds for expansion of economic relations between Iran and Oman.

He said like their political relations, Iran and Oman should raise the level of their economic ties.

“Some countries are worried about Iran’s defence capability and missile programs but there is no reason for this concern. Given the current situation of the region, Iran is entitled to improve its military power as part of a mechanism to defend its own security,” Bin Alawi said.

He also referred to the presence of Iran in Syria and said “as we have announced repeatedly, no country can have presence in a foreign country without the request of its government.”

Bin Alawi underlined that Iran’s presence in Syria is made at the request of Damascus.
He also called for finding political solutions to the current regional crises and added militarism and massacre of innocent people will never lead to peace and security in the world.

Oman’s foreign minister also expressed hope that some regional countries which have adopted aggressive policies toward regional issues change their mind and resort to peaceful means.

He called on regional states to establish cooperation in fight against terrorism.
Bin Alawi then called for further economic ties with Iran and said Oman is interested in raising the level of its financial relations with Iran through expansion of joint rail lines.

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