Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Eslami: Iran’s first nuclear power plant saved $6bn

Iran's atomic chief says the country's first nuclear power plant has so far helped the country save six billion dollars.

“So far, we have saved 80 million barrels of oil and injected nearly 52 billion kilowatts of electricity into the national grid, which is equivalent to about $6 billion in savings, which means that in this short period of time, it has been able to return twice the money spent on it,” Mohammad Eslami explained.

The Iranian nuclear chief said Tehran plans to invest about $40 billion in nuclear power plants development over the next two decades.

“We believe that nuclear power plants mean sustainable electricity, which reduces the production of pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. That is one of the competitive advantages of investment in this field, which has been well-received and countries are moving towards it. I hope we can overcome this delay of several years and speed up projects,” Eslami added.

He asked Iranian and foreign investors to participate in Iranian nuclear energy projects.

The Bushehr plant is Iran’s first nuclear power station. It was connected to the national electricity grid in 2011. Iran has planned to build several more atomic power stations to meet its rapidly increasing power needs.

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