Monday, October 2, 2023

Endless Blue; Exhibition of Paintings with Chemical Compounds

Endless Blue is an exhibition by an Iranian painter who has used chemical compounds and polymer to project his ideas on the minds of the visitors.

The collection of Iman Sobh-Ravan’s paintings is aimed at reminding the visitors of the presence of water in humans’ bodies as well as the earth and other planets and sending the message that our existence is in a deep and inseparable unity with the whole world.

Elaborating on the exhibition, Sobh-Ravan said, “My studies in chemistry helped me very much in my artistic career and I used my knowledge to prepare the chemical compounds used in my pieces.”

Endless Blue; Exhibition of Paintings with Chemical Compounds“I made the materials myself. The materials were used on wood and in some parts there are at least 20 layers of them. That’s why the pieces may appear in 3D format to the eyes of the visitors. At the final stage, I used a polymer material over the layers to make them appear colourless.”

On his artistic background, the painter said he used to work with ordinary painting colours but in this collection, he decided to show the visitors the underlying layers of his pieces. “That’s why I needed some chemical and mineral compounds.”

Sobh-Ravan began his studies in chemistry, polymer, nanotechnology and other related areas since he was 17 years old. He also achieved the top prize of the Khwarizmi Science Festival in 2002.

He said the materials which he had created could also be used for realist paintings.

The exhibition of Endless Blue was recently held in Aryana Gallery in northern Tehran. Below, you can see photos taken of the exhibition by Honar Online:

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