Friday, February 23, 2024

End of Trumpism Era Manifestation of Iran’s Victory: President

The Iranian president says the end of the “Trumpism” era is close at hand, and that is one of the clear manifestations of the Iranian nation’s victory and a sign of the enemy’s resounding defeat in the economic war.

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday touched upon the crimes committed by US President Donald Trump against the Iranian nation.

“This person committed the worst crimes in US history against independent nations, especially the people of Iran, Palestine and other nations which were under his oppression, and his defeat is due to his failure at international circles and legal bodies as well as his failure by moral criteria and before the public opinion both in the US and across the world,” said the president in a weekly cabinet session.

“This man took anti-human, terrorist and savage actions against the Iranian nation even during the coronavirus pandemic, and kept increasing his pressure against our country until White House rulers opposed the IMF move to lend Iran $5 billion in loans to buy medical equipment and tackle the coronavirus pandemic,” he said.

“The reasons behind his failure were his wrong foreign policy and medical policies as well as his racist moves and unreliability,” President Rouhani said.

Rouhani said the next US administration should make great moves in order to be able to make up for past mistakes and compensate for all actions that have tarnished the United States’ image.

“We hope the future US administration will, in its first steps, openly condemn Trump’s policies toward Iran as well as his anti-rights and terrorist moves, and make up for the wrong policies that his administration has adopted over the past four years,” he said.
Rouhani noted that if the next US administration has the resolve required, it would be easier to resolve the problems.

The two countries can both announce that they will return to where they were before January 20, 2017, he added.
Rouhani stressed that Iran’s policy is compliance for compliance, action for action, and de-escalation for de-escalation.

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