Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Downtrend trend in Iran’s Covid deaths holds

Iranian Health Ministry figures on Thursday showed 63 people died of Covid in the last 24 hours, 4 fatalities down compared to Wednesday’s tally.

Meanwhile, 1,345 new infections were logged too, including 261 hospitalizations.

The total death toll from Covid in Iran now stands at 139,865.

Meanwhile, more than 146 million doses of vaccine have been administered to Iranians since the start of a nationwide inoculation campaign in the country last year.

Nearly 26 million people are also triple-vaxxed.

The vaccination campaign has been credited with the decline in the number of Covid deaths and infections.

The number of Iranian cities marked red, the highest level of risk from Covid, is also on the decline. Now less than 30 cities are red. Most cities are yellow, the third level of risk from Covid. Over a dozen cities are blue, which denotes the lowest level of danger.

Iran has fought against Covid very effectively, using imported jabs and domestically developed vaccines.

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