Monday, January 17, 2022

Corona, inflation take center stage at media on Yalda Night

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Iranians are celebrating Yalda, the last night of autumn, and the longest night of the year. Here are the titles of some articles about Yalda Night in Iranian newspapers.

Armane-Melli Newspaper:

  1. Yalda will give rise to the sixth wave of the coronavirus

ArmanMeli s


Ebtekar Newspaper

  1. Yalda Night in competition with Christmas
  • Can Yalda be introduced as a suitable time for tourism?

Ebtekaar s


Etemad Newspaper

  1. Yalda: The night of joy and getting together

Etemaad s


Ettela’at Newspaper

  1. Convergence of compatriots and solidarity of relatives in the beautiful Iranian tradition of Yalda



Iran Newspaper

  1. A city with the color of Yalda



Jame Jam Newspaper

  1. The warmest night of the year
  • A special case for the second Yalda Night amid the coronavirus outbreak



Javan Newspaper

  1. Resurgence of the coronavirus with Yalda gatherings



Resalat Newspaper

  1. Hafez: The Yalda of Iranian poetry



Qods Newspaper

  1. Yalda: The night of stories
  • An interview with writer and storyteller Shermin Naderi about the longest night of the year



Samt Newspaper

  1. Yalda brings vibrancy to the markets

GostareshSMT s


Setareh Sobh Newspaper

  1. Yalda Night amid health protocols



Shargh Newspaper

  1. Yalda Night overshadowed by inflation



Sobhe Emruz Newspaper

  1. Yalda: The longest night of exorbitant prices


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