Sunday, December 4, 2022

Coincidence of Ban and Merkel’s Anti-Iran Remarks Heralds New Plot: Salehi

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi blasted recent remarks by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel as indicative of a new plot being hatched against Tehran.

“I feel they are preparing the grounds to hatch a new plot against us and we should be on the alert,” Salehi told the state-run TV on Saturday, July 9, commenting on the recent remarks made by the UN chief and German Chancellor.

He described the coincidence of such remarks as a clue that a conspiracy was incipient against Iran.

“I would not go further afield on the issue, since it is political issue; however, their prevarication should provide caveats for us to remain alert to their subterfuges,” he went on to say, as reported by Mehr.

Referring to certain media reports that Iran continues to seek illicit nuclear and missile technology, he said, “While we have foreseen a purchase channel in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [JCPOA or the nuclear deal], there logically remains no need for the AEOI to buy a machine indirectly from the black market, which is more costly and is prone to the risk of contamination.”

“We can buy the required equipment from its main origin, declare it to the purchase channel and they will then pave the way for us to buy the necessary equipment at a lower price, more rapidly and with higher quality and more trust,” Salehi added, Fars reported.

Merkel said in the Bundestag on Thursday, July 7, that Iran “continued unabated to develop its rocket program in conflict with the relevant provisions of the UN Security Council.”

Merkel claimed that NATO’s anti-missile system targets Iran’s rocket program and was “developed purely for defence.”

Also on Friday, Ban Ki-moon called on Iran to stop conducting ballistic missile launches, saying they are not consistent with the spirit of last summer’s nuclear deal with world powers.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Salehi also referred to the US failure to live up to their promises, and stressed that it causes a great damage to their reputation and interests.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys different capabilities; however, if any side violates the JCPOA, it will jeopardize the interests of all parties to the deal; we hope that they [west and the US] would behave rationally enough to avoid any violation of JCPOA, since Iran will not be an initiator of any attempt to undermine JCPOA provisions,” he emphasized, advising the US to remain committed to the nuclear deal.

“Healthy implementation of JCPOA will bring positive outcomes to Iran, the region, and the international community; I could envisage that they ultimately will not countenance violation and undermining of the deal, since it would clearly see their interests at stake,” he was quoted by IRIB as saying.

“The first ever damage will be wrought upon the US reputation, an achievement carved for them with such a huge investment worldwide,” he added, as reported by Mehr.

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