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Female partisans

Female partisans prepare to take on Daesh (PHOTOS)

These female fighters of Christian faith are now battling Daesh terrorists alongside Kurdish Peshmerga and Yazidi fighters.
Mohsen Rezai

A third World War may be in the cards: Iranian official

The Secretary of Iranian Expediency Council says Iran can presently use its active diplomacy to bring Turkey and Russia close to each other and temper tensions between them.

Turkey’s troop deployment to implement a dangerous plot

Given previous revelations about Ankara's ties with and support for the Daesh terrorist grouping, Turkey's claim that it wants to take on the terrorist group sounds more like a joke than reality.

What kind of advice President Erdogan’s aides offer?

Turkey has problems with Iraq, Syria and Russia and wants to add Iran to the list of countries with which it has problem. This is a blame game bound to add to the problems of the Turkish government, Nobakht said.

Presidential elections in the US and future of Iran-West ties

The wisest approach Iran can adopt before the US presidential elections is to take advantage of the current situation in the West to advance its interests and stabilize its rational image in the court of public opinion in the West.

UN lauds Iran’s AIDS program as a flawless model in the region

UN Resident Coordinator Gary Lewis has said that Iran’s AIDS control program is pragmatic, adding that the government’s concentration on the program is remarkable.

A school for peace, a school for war for children in the same region

The promise an Iranian father has made to his little girl to stop hunting has caused many in their surroundings to follow suit and respect and love nature.

Developments following a controversial shoot-down

Russia cuts scientific ties with Turkey; Turkish submarines shadow Russian cruiser; and President Erdogan does not say whether he will apologize or not.

Why is Iran’s security tied to regional peace and security?

A former IRGC commander has said that all governments should oppose military intervention, fight terrorism and respect the decisions of nations if they seek to bolster security in the region.
Russia aire force

The rationale behind Russia’s intervention in Syria

A former IRGC commander has said that Moscow’s military intervention in Syria seems justifiable as far as the Russian national interests are concerned, adding that it will eventually help shift the balance in the region.