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New Delhi summit calls for inclusive Afghan govt., respect for women’s rights

Participations at the New Delhi Regional Security Dialogue have stressed the necessity of forming an ‘open and truly inclusive government that represents the will of all the people of Afghanistan’. They also underscored respect for the rights of women, children and the minority groups.

Iran’s Shamkhani meets Indian PM, Afghanistan in focus

The secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi. Ali Shamkhani is in the Indian capital to attend a regional security conference.

UN warns three million Afghans on brink of famine

The UN's food agency has warned three million people in Afghanistan are facing starvation. The body has promised it will be providing food for 23 million people in the country.

India says Iran, Russia, others to attend Afghanistan summit

India says Iran, Russia and Central Asian countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming Afghanistan conference in New Delhi. Pakistan has declared it would not be attending the meeting.

Iran: Proposed atomic disarmament resolution a test for UN member states

Iran's permanent representative to the United Nations says the Islamic Republic's proposed resolution on nuclear disarmament is a test for UN member states.

Russia: White Helmets planning chemical attack in Syria

The White Helmets are planning to mount yet another false-flag chemical attack against civilians in the Syrian province of Idleb in order to incriminate the Damascus government, Russia warns.

Iran condemns terrorist attack in Kabul

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned Tuesday’s deadly attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul.

FM: Lebanon, Saudi crisis not to be resolved through negotiation

The recent diplomatic crisis between Beirut and Riyadh cannot be resolved through negotiations, Lebanon's top diplomat says. The row began after a Lebanese minister stated Saudi Arabia-led war on Yemen was an act of aggression.

Iran FM: We have doubts about Americans’ true intentions

Iran’s diplomacy chief says the Biden administration has not taken any step to lift US sanctions against Tehran and just pretends to be pursuing an anti-Trump approach, adding “We have mistrust in the other side.”

EU not to recognize new Israel settlements

The European Union (EU) has reiterated its call for Israel to halt its plans to expand settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The bloc has announced any new changes to the pre-1967 borders that are not agreed upon by the parties will be rejected by the EU.