Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Russia: White Helmets planning chemical attack in Syria

The White Helmets are planning to mount yet another false-flag chemical attack against civilians in the Syrian province of Idleb in order to incriminate the Damascus government, Russia warns.

Iran condemns terrorist attack in Kabul

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned Tuesday’s deadly attack on a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul.

FM: Lebanon, Saudi crisis not to be resolved through negotiation

The recent diplomatic crisis between Beirut and Riyadh cannot be resolved through negotiations, Lebanon's top diplomat says. The row began after a Lebanese minister stated Saudi Arabia-led war on Yemen was an act of aggression.

Iran FM: We have doubts about Americans’ true intentions

Iran’s diplomacy chief says the Biden administration has not taken any step to lift US sanctions against Tehran and just pretends to be pursuing an anti-Trump approach, adding “We have mistrust in the other side.”

EU not to recognize new Israel settlements

The European Union (EU) has reiterated its call for Israel to halt its plans to expand settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories. The bloc has announced any new changes to the pre-1967 borders that are not agreed upon by the parties will be rejected by the EU.

Taliban renews call for release of Afghan assets abroad

The new rulers of Afghanistan are pushing to unblock billions of dollars of Afghan central bank reserves abroad. The drought-stricken nation is facing a cash crunch, mass starvation and a new migration crisis, after the Taliban seized power in August.

Armenian denies withdrawing from border region

Armenia’s prime minister denies media reports that the country has withdrawn forces from Syunik a province bordering Iran. Nikol Pashinian was responding to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev’s claim about the so-called Zangezur corridor before parliament.

‘Terrorists increasing activities near Tajikistan-Afghanistan border’

Terrorists are scaling up their activities in the regions near the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, Tajik Foreign Minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin said on Wednesday at a ministerial meeting of Afghanistan's neighboring countries in Tehran.

Pakistani FM urges world to prevent humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureishi has called on the international community to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in Afghanistan.

Envoy says Iran hosting Afghan refugees amid US sanctions

Iran's Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN) Majid Takht Ravanchi has announced the country is hosting Afghans with “almost no new resources from the international community”, while Tehran is under US sanctions.

High-profile cyberattacks since 2020

There has been a tremendous spike in cyberattacks worldwide in recent years. Although the US and the Zionist regime have been the main perpetrators of cyberattacks, they have not been imperious to counterpunches of the kind themselves.

US says opposes Israel’s settlement expansion in West Bank

The administration of US President Joe Biden “strongly opposes” plans by Israel to expand settlements in the West Bank, State Department spokesperson Ned Price says. The US is known as Israel’s staunch supporter.

Several killed, wounded in Daesh attack in Iraq

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen injured late Tuesday in an attack on a village in eastern Iraq blamed on the Daesh terror group.

Iran: Cyber attack to blame for closure of gas stations

Iran’s National center of Cyberspace has confirmed that the gas stations across the country were shut down due to a cyber attack.

US Power Declining; Balance of Power Changing Worldwide: Top Iranian General

A senior Iranian commander says the United States’ escape from Afghanistan bears testimony to Washington’s diminishing power.

Lebanon judge charges dozens over deadly Beirut clashes

A Lebanese judge has charged 68 people for the recent fatal unrest in Beirut. Seven people were killed and dozens more wounded in clashes, said to be the worst street violence in years in Lebanon.

Information ministry: Sudan facing military coup

Sudan is facing a full military coup, the information ministry announced on Monday. Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok and several other government officials have been arrested by the military. The premier has been taken to an unknown location.

UN warns of catastrophe and loss of life in Myanmar

Myanmar could be on the eve of a human rights catastrophe and loss of life, the United Nations (UN) has warned. The warning comes amid reports the military junta is deploying tens of thousands of forces and heavy weapons to northern Myanmar.

ICRC warns of humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned aid groups are not enough to stave off the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Russia: NATO sliding into “Cold War schemes”

Russia has warned The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is increasingly resorting to Cold War schemes. Moscow has also ruled out the establishment of normal diplomatic relations with NATO.

China condemns EU over Taiwan ties

China has blasted the European Union (EU) after the bloc’s representatives voted in favor of increasing ties with Taiwan. China regards Taiwan as part of its own territory.

Moscow rejects NATO accusation against expelled Russians

Moscow has announced NATO has no evidence indicating the expelled Russian staffers at the organization had been involved in spying activities.

Biden says US defends Taiwan against China

The United States would come to Taiwan’s defense if it were attacked by China, US President Joe Biden says. A bombshell report has recently claimed American Marines and special operations forces have been secretly training Taiwanese soldiers on the island.

Iran slams terror attack in Damascus as “cowardly”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has strongly condemned Wednesday’s terrorist attack in the Syrian capital Damascus.

US says not to attend Moscow summit on Afghanistan

The United States has announced it will not join talks on Afghanistan to be hosted by Russia. The negotiations will include other key players, like China, Iran and Pakistan. The Taliban has also confirmed participation in Moscow consultations on Afghanistan.

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