Iran’s achievements brought US to nuclear talks: Afkham

The Iranian Foreign Ministry refutes claims that Tehran was forced to sit at the negotiating table.

Islamic Revolution has exposed Western double standards: Deputy minister

Iran has exposed the double standards of the West as a result of which hegemonic powers have encountered a conceptual crisis, said a deputy Iranian FM.

Leader’s call for a one-stage deal is meant to prop up the talks: Former...

Hossein Mousavian said the Supreme Leader's instructions are meant to boost the likelihood of a sustainable deal at nuclear talks with P5+1.
Kazem Jalali-Iran MP

Emphasis on a one-stage deal stems from Western failure to honor its promises: MP

Kazem Jalali, an MP, said the leader's "prudent and rational" statement that any nuclear deal with P5+1 should come in a single stage stems from a lack of trust in the West.

Iranian negotiators act in line with instructions of leader: Advisor

Leader's advisor Ali Akbar Velayati said the Supreme leader supports the Iranian negotiators who are trying their best to stand up for Iranian rights.

Gov’t spokesman: Leader’s remarks show Iran’s path in N. negotiations

The remarks of the Supreme Leader are the final say for the government and the Islamic Republic, said Nobakht.

Any nuclear deal must recognize Iran’s nuclear rights: VP

Iranian First Vice-President Eshagh Jahangiri says any nuclear agreement between Tehran and P5+1 must respect the nation’s rights.

Seeking unilateral benefits ruins Iran talks, Putin says

President Putin says world powers should avoid seeking unilateral benefits in the final stages of nuclear talks with Iran; otherwise they may fail to reach a just resolution.

EU’s Mogherini: Time to show political will for Iran’s nuclear deal

The EU foreign policy chief has underlined that Iran and P5+1 should seize the opportunity in nuclear talks to reach a comprehensive deal.
Barack Obama in Congress

Who has the final say in the US?

The president of the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) says that imposing sanctions on Iran used to be the safest political move, but today it means supporting war, which is likely to carry a tremendous political cost.

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