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Failure of the talks amounts to a victory for us: Javan daily

Javan, a Tehran-based daily, says failure to clinch a deal that does not remove all the sanctions imposed on Iran is a "victory".

In an editorial on Sunday November 23, Javan, a daily that reflects the viewpoints of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps described the prospects of nuclear talks between Iran and P5+1 as anything but bright, saying, “By the November 24 deadline, the desirable result which is the lifting of sanctions won’t materialize.”

Javan blamed a lack of independent political will in the United States for the bleak prospect and said the domineering role of the “Zionist will” is bound to thrust the latest round of talks into a deadlock.

Still, the daily claimed, “No matter what the result of the talks, we will emerge as winners.” It went on to say: “We would have felt defeated if we had been in pursuit of nuclear arms. That has never been the case. The religious aspect of the issue [a fatwa by the Supreme Leader banning the development and use of nuclear weapons] is so compelling that we will never pursue atomic weapons.”

The daily went on to describe “failure to lift the sanctions” as a kind of victory, citing that it would set the stage for the resistance economy to be taken more seriously. “That in turn will help secure growth and development which amounts to victory,” the paper said.

On the one hand, Javan said victory in the talks hinged on “termination of all sanctions”, and on the other, described failure to clinch a deal that does not remove all the sanctions imposed on Iran as a “victory” too, citing the following:

– We are victorious because talks with six major powers have resulted in their acceptance of Iran’s authority.

– We are victorious because the insight and capabilities of the Iranian people are bolstered. A first-hand experience of Western animosity toward Iran and Islam will stiffen the resolve of our nation to be more prepared to launch a constant battle against the West and the world of barbarism.

– We are victorious because overoptimistic individuals at home will hit the end of the line. Those who support the West are now wiping the sweat beads of shame off their foreheads […] will no longer say, “The world is a stage for interaction and give and take. They will accept that hegemonic powers have deep-rooted problems with the Islamic Revolution.”

– We are victorious because the resistance economy [a strategy geared toward more economic growth devised by the Supreme Leader and placed on the agenda of the government] will get off the ground. And those who seek to reach a deal with the West and render such an approach to economy inert will be disappointed.

– We are victorious because the current generation and those who come in the future will overcome their doubts as to why the Den of Espionage [the US Embassy in Tehran] was taken over in late 1979 and that will vindicate the revolutionaries.

– We are victorious because once again it will be proven that the problem of the West with the Islamic Revolution revolves around the existence of the latter.

– We are victorious because a lack of agreement would prove that Iran has made efforts to build trust and our representatives at the talks have insisted on their rational core principles.

The daily concludes the piece by saying, “Now the Iranian nuclear negotiators feel they are involved in a holy war, and the nation views them as triumphant warriors on the frontline.”

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