Sunday, November 27, 2022

With or without a deal, November 24 is a day of national victory: Iranian FM

The Iranian foreign minister says whether or not a deal is struck in Vienna talks with P5+1, Iranians are the winners.

Whether the November 24 deadline produces a deal or marks Iran’s insistence on its rights in the face of excessive demands, that day will be a day of national victory in fulfilling the objectives Iranians pursue in nuclear talks, Tasnim News Agency quoted Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif as telling reporters upon arrival in Vienna for a new round of nuclear talks with P5+1. The following is the translation of part of what else the top diplomat said at the airport:

We are in the final stage of the talks. As we have said in the past, in case the other side has the political determination to strike a deal, there are proposals to ensure them that Iran’s nuclear program is geared for peaceful purposes.

These proposals can lead to one or more than one desirable solution. So in case the other side has the political will to make a hard choice, clinching a deal is possible. Setting pointless red lines which are simply meant to appease pressure groups will do nothing to settle the dispute, nor will it contribute to the cause of non-proliferation.

We are here in Vienna to make efforts until the very last day to reach a deal that would serve the interests of the Iranian people and recognize their rights and at the same time ease the legitimate concerns of the international community.

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