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Rouhani Says His Administration’s Services Downplayed by Trump’s Actions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his administration's services and performance would have looked much better if it was not for Donald Trump.

25 Percent of Iranian Gov’t Managere Are Women: VP

The Iranian first vice president has highlighted the significant role of women in society, saying they have shone very well in discharging the responsibilities assigned to them in various arenas.

Zarif’s Leaked Audio Tape ‘Stolen’, Says Gov’t Spokesman

Iran says the dissident television network Iran International’s “stealing” of an audio file of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was a conspiracy to achieve its wicked objectives.

Iran’s Water, Soil Sectors Revolutionized in Past Eight Years: Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says a giant step has been taken in the country’s water and soil sectors during his tenure as president over the past eight years.

Rouhani, Qalibaf, Raisi All Stress Tackling US Sanctions

The heads of the three branches of the Iranian government see eye to eye on the necessity of neutralizing US sanctions on the country.

Iran’s Gov’t Bodies Officially Instructed to Implement Sanctions Legislation

Iranian First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri has communicated to relevant institutions the executive bylaws on the legislation recently passed by the parliament which obliges government to take action to have sanctions lifted and protect the nation’s interests.
Iranian President Inaugurates Thousands of National Projects

Iranian President Inaugurates Thousands of National Projects

President Hassan Rouhani has opened thousands of new construction, employment, and housing projects across the country via videoconference.
Rouhani’s Pick for Trade Ministry Wins Iran Parliament’s Confidence Vote 2

Rouhani’s Pick for Trade Ministry Wins Iran Parliament’s Confidence Vote

Iranian lawmakers have given their vote of confidence to President Hassan Rouhani’s nominee for the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, Alireza Razm-Hosseini.
Rouhani Condemns US for Sanctions on Medical Supplies

Rouhani’s Administration to Release Annual Economic Road Map

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his administration has come up with a road map to economy for the final year of his tenure.
MPs May Oblige Iran Gov’t to Stop Implementing Additional Protocol

Iranian MPs to Question President over Economic Woes

At least 200 members of the Iranian parliament have signed a motion to question President Hassan Rouhani over his administration’s handling of economic woes and the national currency’s decline.