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Coronavirus Solidarity Videomapping on Tehran Azadi Tower

Iran Expresses Solidarity with World on COVID-19 in Videomapping Event

Tehran has hosted a videomapping event at the iconic Azadi Tower to express solidarity with the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Artists from 68 Countries to Take Part in Iran’s Corona Cartoon Contest

Artists from 68 countries have submitted their works to Iran to take part in an international cartoon contest called “We Defeat Corona”.

Iran Holds International Cartoon Festival on Coronavirus Battle

Cartoonists from more than 50 countries have participated in a contest held by Iran in the virtual space, entitled “We’ll Defeat Coronavirus”.
Sculpture Symposium Underway in Iran's Isfahan 9

Sculpture Symposium Underway in Iran’s Isfahan

The Isfahan Sculpture Symposium is being in the central Iranian city, featuring novel ideas by Iranian artists.
Iranian Artist Releases Work on How to Fight Coronavirus

Iranian Artist Releases Work on How to Fight Coronavirus

Prominent Iranian designer Hamid Bahrami has released a work in which he illustrates the ways to prevent the COVID-19 disease.
Iranian Magnum Opus Artwork Put Up for Online Sale

Iranian Magnum Opus Artwork Put Up for Online Sale (+Video)

A masterpiece of carving art, created by an acclaimed Iranian artist, has been put up for sale at an auction with a minimum sale price of 500,000 US dollars.
Fajr Visual Arts Festival Underway in Iran

Fajr Visual Arts Festival Underway in Iran

The 12th edition of Fajr Visual Arts Festival of Iran is gearing up for a closing ceremony after exhibiting more than 900 works of art.

International Fashion Festival Underway in Tehran

The 9th edition of Fajr International Fashion and Costume Festival is underway in Tehran with the participation of domestic artists and guests from 11 other countries.
Poems Illustrations, Iran

Illustrated Works of Poetry Displayed at Tehran Exhibit

An exhibition is underway in Tehran, showcasing pictorial versions of poems by renowned Iranian poet Hafez.
Iranian Artists Painting the Urban Space

Iran’s Beauties in Photos: Wall Paintings in Chabahar

Various wall paintings by the local artists of Chabahar in south-eastern Iran have given the port city an interesting, colourful look.