Friday, February 23, 2024

Iranian artist holds exhibition entitled “Amazed by Bird”

The exhibition of Iranian painter and sculptor Pantea Rahmani entitled “Amazed by Bird entitled “Amazed by Bird” began on September 10 and will run until September 28.

The exhibition displays a selected collection of Pantea Rahmani’s drawings, paintings and sculptures which draw inspiration from an allegorical world of birds. 

The statement of the exposition says: This multi-layered project involves documentary films on birds that are on the brink of extinction in Iran’s wildlife. 

It also features the unveiling of a drama book. Birds are already an integral part of our relationship with myths, social culture and our surroundings. But now, they have turned into a peripheral issue and have become vulnerable animals which are on the verge of extinction in huge groups.” 


“Amazed by Bird aims to look into our relationship with nature and to give us a deeper insight into nature and birds as one of the key parts of our daily lives.”

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