Monday, March 20, 2023

“Big Mistake to Think Iran Will Stay in Nuclear Deal under Any Conditions”

In a Thursday meeting with Norwegian Foreign Minister Marie Eriksen Soreid in Oslo, Araqchi said the future of the Iran nuclear deal as a great achievement in international diplomacy is threatened by challenges and obstacles created by the Trump administration.

“The JCPOA should be viewed, first of all, as a security deal in the field of nuclear non-proliferation,” he said.

Therefore, Araqchi added, any attempt to hamper its implementation will undermine the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and leave us caught in the dilemma of choosing between security and non-security.

The Iranian diplomat went on to say that the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed Iran’s full commitments to the nuclear deal in at least 10 reports.

“This comes as the US has not remained committed to the deal and pushed it further towards collapse by hampering and delaying its implementation.”

“It is a totally wrong interpretation and a big mistake to think that Iran will remain committed to the deal under any circumstances,” Araqchi noted.

He also dismissed as a wrong approach any attempt to link the JCPOA to other issues and added such an approach will only further complicate the regional situation.

“The JCPOA is a great historical experience whose success needs collective efforts and support,” he noted, highlighting the significant role of the Iran nuclear deal in the development and expansion of bilateral cooperation and exchanges.

For her part, the Norwegian Foreign Minister said her country fully supports the Iran nuclear deal and calls for its full implementation.

“There is no better option than the JCPOA and all attempts should be made to preserve the nuclear deal,” she noted.

She underlined the urgency to support the JCPOA, warning any failure to implement the nuclear deal amounts to a defeat for the international community.

She also emphasised the importance of establishing mutual cooperation and ties between Iran and Norway in various areas.

The Norwegian top diplomat expressed her country’s preparedness to develop and expand bilateral cooperation in economic fields like making investment and transferring latest technologies in oil and gas, renewable energy, fisheries and marine industries to Iran.

During the talks, the two sides also exchanged views on bilateral ties, multilateralism and a number of regional and international crises.

Araqchi arrived in Norway’s capital Oslo on Thursday at the official invitation of his Norwegian counterpart Audun Halvorsen to take part in the eighth round of political talks between the two countries.

During his stay in Oslo, the Iranian diplomat will also hold talks with a number of Norwegian officials including Deputy FM Halvorsen and Roy Angelvik, the deputy minister of trade, industry, and fisheries.

He is also expected to meet a group of Norwegian researchers and scientists.

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