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Iran Unveils New Medicine for Bedsore Treatment

“New Derm” Bedsore Ointment, an herbal medicine developed by Iranian researchers, reduces the cost of bedsore treatment to one twentieth of the average amount.

Millions of people worldwide catch numerous diseases on a daily basis most of whom, after undergoing a period of treatment, regain their health and come back home. However, those patients who are bedridden in hospital, or at home, for a while face the risk of developing bedsores, also known as pressure sores, and are required to think of finding a bedsore treatment or prevention method.

Iran Unveils New Medicine for Bedsore TreatmentBedsores – also called pressure sores or pressure ulcers – are injuries to skin or underlying tissues resulting from prolonged and continuous pressure on the skin. People most at risk of developing bedsores and, thus, in need of bedsore treatments are those with a medical condition that limits their ability to change positions, requires them to use a wheelchair or confines them to a bed for a long time.

Bedsores occur due to pressure being applied to soft tissues resulting in the formation of clots in the capillaries carrying blood to the skin which, per se, leads to the formation of dead skin cells. Annually, 2.5 million people worldwide get bedsores. Pressure sores are painful and their medical treatment is very costly. Time is of the utmost importance for patients suffering from bedsores.

In case the bedsore treatment period is lengthy, the ulcers may spread [from one area] to other areas and make the healing process very difficult.

New DermDaru Darman Salafchegan Company, as a knowledge-based producer of herbal medicine in Iran, has managed to produce an herbal ointment named “New Derm”.  “New Derm” Bedsore Ointment treats the ulcers successfully in the shortest possible period and helps minimize the risk of them being redeveloped or spread to other parts of patient’s body.

The ointment contains herbal elements, with antibacterial and antifungal impacts as well as sore healing and damaged tissue reconstructing properties, which play a significant role in bedsore treatment. It prevents ulcer infection and, by stimulating skin cell growth, accelerates the bedsore treatment process. As mentioned, bedsore treatment is a very costly medical process.

Thanks to the country’s ecological features and age-old history in traditional medicine and herbal remedies, grounds are prepared in Iran for conducting specialized scientific research on the treatment of various diseases through identification and production of medicinal herbs.

In the US, each patient suffering from pressure sores has to spend an average of $20,000 on each period of bedsore treatment. “New Derm” Bedsore Ointment reduces the cost of bedsore treatment to one twentieth of the average amount.

Daru Darman Salafchegan has passed all clinical tests and obtained the required licences for the ointment at the international level. It is now prepared to sign deals with applicant companies across the world, offering its herbal products based on (up to) two-year usance contracts. The high quality herbal ointment helps treat pressure sores with a lower price and in a shorter period.


New Derm

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