Monday, January 17, 2022

Bakhtiari kebab: Mouth-watering Persian dish favorite with tourists

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Tourists traveling to the Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province in southwestern Iran do not hesitate to order “Bakhtiari kebab” when they go to a restaurant.

Even some visitors film the process of preparing this ambrosial dish before it is served.

Bakhtiari kebab contains a high protein content and is very popular with tourists especially when it is barbecued.

Women in the province are an old hand at cooking this Persian dish. They grill it on coal and serve it to their guests.

The ingredients of Bakhtiari kebab include lamb or beef tenderloin, chicken breast, butter, onions, saffron, lime juice, salt, pepper and yoghurt.

They chop the fillet and let it stay in yoghurt until it gets tender. Then they skewer the meat this way: two pieces of beef fillet and two piece of chicken meat alternately. Finally, they grill it.

The kebab becomes all the more delicious if served with local bread and doogh (a drink made by mixing yoghurt and water).

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