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Reza Khaasteh is a Tehran-based journalist working as the managing editor of the Iran Front Page (IFP) news website.
Iran Says World Misled by China’s Inaccurate Coronavirus Reports

Iran Says World Misled by China’s Inaccurate Coronavirus Reports

In controversial remarks, Iran’s health ministry spokesman has criticized China for its inaccurate reports regarding the coronavirus, saying the initial reports made other countries underestimate the severity of the disease.

Hostage-Taking in NY: US Bars Zarif from Visiting Diplomat at Hospital

The US has barred Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif from visiting Iran’s UN ambassador, Majid Takht-Ravanchi, at a hospital in New York City, where he is hospitalized for cancer, saying the permission would be issued if Iran releases an American prisoner.

Did US Just Complete Its Part of New Prisoner Swap with Iran?

The US “deportation” of an Iranian woman prisoner charged with circumvention of Washington’s sanctions against Tehran seems to be part of a new prisoner exchange deal between Iran and the US despite an official denial.

Iran Equalizes Blood Money for Men, Women in Historic Decision

From now on, an equal amount of blood money (diyah) will be paid to male or female victims or their heirs in cases of murder, bodily harm, or property damage, in a major shift from the age-old Sharia-based law that the blood money for women is half the amount set for men.

Iran Says No Reason Left for It to Honour Nuclear Deal

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Abbas Araqchi says the Europeans' failure to fulfil their commitments under the Iran nuclear deal has left Iran no choice but to stop honouring its obligations.

Will Russia Remain Neutral in Case of Iran-US War?

Recent stances held by Russia have made observers in Iran worried that Moscow may take a neutral stance in case a military confrontation breaks out between Tehran and Washington amid heightened tensions in the region.

Iran Threatens to Let Migrants, Narcotics Flood Europe

Iran has threatened to allow migrants and narcotics to flood European countries as it cannot pay the costs of fighting terrorists, drug smugglers, and illegal migrants alone, especially now that it is under the US’ harshest sanctions ever.

Anti-Terror Fight Begins with Uprooting Wahhabi Ideology: Iran

Iran says real fight against terrorism begins with complete eradication of the Wahhabi ideology promoted by Saudi Arabia and its allies in the region.
Tehran Hosts Int’l Event on Women, Sustainability, Peace, Security

Tehran Hosts Int’l Event on Women, Sustainability, Peace, Security

The second edition of the International Event on Women, Sustainability, Peace, and Security has been held in Tehran by Iran’s Vice-Presidency for Women and Family Affairs.
‘Iranian Women Running Economic Campaign against US Bans’

‘Iranian Women Running Economic Campaign against US Bans’

Iranian Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Massoumeh Ebtekar says women in Iran are actively engaged in an economic campaign aimed at cushioning the impact of the cruel sanctions imposed by the United States against the Iranian nation.