Thursday, June 20, 2024

Art Garden Opens in Tehran with Vast Artificial Lake

A lake and garden representing different forms of art have been inaugurated in the Iranian capital.

The lake and garden, measuring 25,000 and 5,000 square kilometres respectively, are regarded as the largest art project in Tehran.

The garden has been designed to create an atmosphere to present arts such as music, visual arts, poetry and literature, with the focus being on the Central Mansion and establishment of a close bond between the artist and the audience and the promotion of the society’s artistic understanding of Iranian art.

This garden aims to help people experience the Iranian art and culture while being inspired by the Iranian architecture pattern.

The garden grounds include a lake, four buildings and a porch. Two buildings named “The House of Poetry and Literature” and “The House of Pattern” opened in phase one of the project in 2012-2013. The lake and the garden area are inaugurated in phase two.

The garden also contains amphitheatres for conferences and specialized meetings, conference halls, outdoor amphitheatres, coffee shops, restaurants and galleries where works of art by renowned artists and students can be displayed. Part of the premises are already operations, and the remaining parts will be put into service after the Central Mansion and the House of Music are completed. The two building are slated to enter service in mid-2020.

Programs are also underway to host international artists at the complex.

The following are pictures of the garden courtesy of Mehr News Agency.

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