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Ancient glassworks found in Japan, South Korea originate from Iran: Museum official

An Iranian museum official says archaeological studies show that the glasses found in Japan, South Korea and the span of the ancient Han Empire originate from Iran and its northern province of Gilan.

Meysam Navaeian, director of the museums in Gilan, said glass is one of the cultural and archaeological assets of the Iranian province.

He referred to a book titled ‘Persian Glass’ written by Japanese archeologist Shinji Fukai, saying the ancient history researcher was responsible for the archeological excavations of Iran and Iraq over seven decades ago, and he came across historical examples of glass works that he had seen in Japan and South Korea.

Ancient glassworks

In the course of his studies, he found the origin of these glass works to be the north of Iran, the museum official said.

He said he believed that the production of glass in Gilan dates back to 2,300 years ago in the Parthian Empire era.

There were large glass workshops in the Deylaman region in northern Iran and their products were exported to East Asia through Khorshid Road, said Navaeian, adding similar glassworks have also been found in Germany.

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