Sunday, June 23, 2024

Analyst: Sour ties helpful neither to Iran nor EU

An Iranian international affairs analyst says it would be in the interest of Iran and Europe not to allow their ties sour further.

Abdolreza Faraji Dana, in an interview with ILNA news agency, talked about the Europesn Union’s upcoming decision on new anti-Iran sanctions, saying the plunging ties with Europe are fuelled by the recent expression of disappointment by the EU foreign policy chief about the prospects of a nuclear agreement, by the recent unrest and riots in Iran and by Tehran’s ties with Moscow.

The geopolitical analyst says if the EU goes ahead with sanctioning Iranian officials and Tehran reacts in line with its previous warnings, the mutual ties will plunge to a new low.

However, he said neither side wants cold relations, seeing the significance of the nuclear talks.

In this context, he said, the EU sanctions will be only symbolic and will not lead to a crisis in mutual relations.

He also touched on the recent visit to Tehran by the chief British negotiator in the Vienna talks.

He said this is partially due to the change of government in the UK but the British official may have been carrying a message from the US or on the issue of Iran’s dispute with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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