Fmr. Iranian ambassador to London raps missed opportunities in European ties

Seyyed Jalal Sadatian, former Iranian ambassador to London, has expressed concerns over Iran's foreign policy, particularly regarding missed opportunities to deepen relations with Europe.

In an exclusive interview with Jamaran news outlet, he emphasized the need for a balanced approach in foreign policy and better utilization of Iran’s geopolitical strengths.

Sadatian highlighted that the energy crisis in Europe, exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, presented a significant opportunity for Iran. “Supplying Europe’s energy needs could have been a turning point for us,” he said.

However, instead of leveraging this opportunity, Iran promoted the idea of a “hard winter” for Europe, a strategy that backfired. The U.S. stepped in to fill the energy gap for Europe, negating the predicted harsh winter and turning it into a diplomatic setback for Iran, he said.

Sadatian stressed the importance of prioritizing strategic opportunities and capitalizing on Iran’s geographical advantages and other assets as they arise.

He also pointed out that while China is aware of Iran’s value, it’s crucial for Iran to maintain a balanced foreign policy to maximize its geopolitical potential.

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