Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Albania says MKO not allowed to act against Iran from Albanian soil 

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama says the MKO terrorist organization cannot use Albania’s territory as a launchpad for acting against Iran.

Rama said the terror group Mojhhedin Khalgh Organization (MKO) must leave Albania if its wants to engage in anti-Iran acts.

He noted that Albania has been hosting the terror group for several years but it will keep hosting the MKO provided that it avoids any political operations in the country.
Rama said the MKO has violated the condition many times.

The MKO is responsible for bombings and assignations that have killed at least 17,000 people inside Iran in the past.

The terror group also allied itself with Iraq’s former Baathist regime during its 8-year war against Iran and launched two military incursions into the Islamic Republic’s territory from Iraqi soil.

The group had been blacklisted as a terrorist entity for decades by the US. But during Barack Obama’s presidency, the White House removed the MKO from the blacklist to pressure Iran.

The Albanian government has recently attacked the terror group’s base in the country.

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