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Afshari Chicken Stew: A Gourmet Persian Food

The Afshari chicken stew is a superb Iranian dish which has long been served to guests in mourning or wedding ceremonies.

The Afshari chicken stew is, in fact, another name of the Persian chicken pilaf, which is a delicious food served in parties and ceremonies.


Chicken breast or leg: 6 pieces
Onions: 1 onion
Garlic: 3 cloves
Tomato paste: 3 spoonfuls
Coconut milk: 4 spoonfuls (optional)
Iranian apricot: 10 apricots
Salt, pepper, turmeric, curry powder: as much as necessary
Thick brewed saffron: 1 spoonful
Liquid oil: as much as necessary
Butter: 20gr

Afshari Chicken Stew: A Gourmet Persian FoodRecipe:

1. Put the apricots in water and leave them until they go soft. The secret to making the most delicious chicken in the world for different types of stew or for serving with pilaf or with barberry rice is to simply leave the chicken in salt water for 30 minutes first. Another technique to make the chicken tasty is to put them in a series of materials. For example, you may leave the chicken in onion juice mixed with some thick brewed saffron for on to two hours. These techniques are more effective than boiling the chicken before cooking it.

2. Shred the onions into thin pieces and sauté them in some oil. After the onions turn gold, chop the garlic cloves and add them to the onions. The time when you can detect the smell of garlic in the air, add the chicken pieces plus butter and sauté them. Then add pepper, turmeric, spices and salt and sauté the ingredients all together. Curry powder can make chicken very tasty, so you’d better use it. After the chicken pieces turn gold, immerse them in boiling water. Leave the chicken on low heat until it is cooked through.

3. Meanwhile, sauté tomato paste in some oil until the reek of it goes away. One secret to making the chicken stew thick is to add sautéd tomato paste to it. Add the sautéd tomato paste and apricots to the chicken while it is being cooked. The Afshari chicken stew is a thick type of stew with just a little water.

In the final five minutes of cooking, add coconut milk and, if you wish, some verjuice to the stew. A secret to making the stew delectable is this very coconut milk and, of course, thick brewed saffron.
Like with other types of chicken or meat stew, you may serve the Afshari chicken stew with pilaf or raspberry rice.

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