Thursday, February 29, 2024

AEOI head: Iran pursues open-door policy to propel peaceful nuclear agenda

A top Iranian official says the Islamic Republic is following an ‘open-door’ policy to push forward its nuclear goals for civilian purposes, including a bigger role in electricity generation.

Mohammad Eslami, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), made the remarks while visiting the Innovation and Prosperity Fund, that supports knowledge-based companies for the commercialization of innovations and inventions, on Monday evening.

Emphasizing on the necessity to consider the economic benefits of the nuclear technology, Eslami said, “The gap between an idea and production and turning it into a product has to be shortened.”

He slammed the West for conveying the idea that the nuclear technology is a no-go zone for civilians and is developed in maximum-security institutions in order to deprive other countries of the advantages of modern technologies.

Eslami added Iran is planning to supply 20 percent of the country’s energy basket through nuclear-powered sites.

He also said Iran is serious in turning into a hub for designing and construction of nuclear power plants, stressing the Islamic Republic firmly intends to break the Western monopoly in this field.

The remarks come amid a years-long standoff between Iran and the West to save a landmark nuclear deal Tehran stresses is solely for civilian use.

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