Tehran rejects G7 statement on Iran’s nuclear program

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson has dismissed the claims the Group of Seven against Tehran’s nuclear activities. Nasser Kanaani stated Iran will continue its nuclear work in full force, while fulfilling its international commitments including cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In a statement on Sunday, Kanaani refuted the contents of the G7 statement which have cast doubt on Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

On Friday, the G7 warned Tehran against advancing its nuclear enrichment program and said they would be ready to enforce new measures if Tehran were to transfer ballistic missiles to Russia.

Kanaani said the G7 statement’s reference to a recent anti-Iranian resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors attests to the political nature of the resolution and the intent of its initiators and certain governments to abuse the international mechanisms against the sovereign states.

Iran will continue constructive interaction and technical cooperation with the IAEA within the framework of its duties and rights, the spokesman added, stressing that Tehran will press ahead with its peaceful nuclear projects in accordance with the NPT and the Safeguards Agreement, irrespective of political pressures.

Describing the illegal measures of the US and the European troika as the root cause of the current situation, Kanaani stated those countries must prove their goodwill and refrain from taking futile and politically-motivated actions in order to address the concerns of all parties.

He then reiterated Iran’s constructive role in ensuring sustainable regional stability, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran will act decisively to protect and defend its national security and interests against any ill-advised measure.”

Reaffirming Iran’s unshakable commitment to advocating human rights, he said the main and pressing challenge to the fulfillment of the human rights goals in the international arena is the G7 leaders’ indifference to and inaction on the “Systematic massacre” of Palestinians by the apartheid and aggressive Zionist regime.

On the Ukraine war, Kanaani made it clear that any attempt to link the war with the cooperation between Iran and Russia would be a measure with sheer political objectives.

It’s a pity that certain countries resort to bogus and unproven allegations with political motivations to continue the useless and failed policy of imposing sanctions against Iran, he stated, adding, “We advise the G7 to learn lessons from the past and distance itself from the previous destructive policies.”

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