Thursday, February 22, 2024

Advisor to Iranian negotiating team: Iran and other party made ‘great progress’ during months of nuclear talks

An adviser to the Iranian negotiating team in the Vienna talks says there are some issues that must be resolved before Tehran and the other parties to the negotiations can reach a deal, adding however they have made great progress in talks..

Mohammad Marandi said the other parties should convince Iran so that an agreement can be reached.

The adviser to the Iranian negotiating team however said Iran and the P4+1 as well as the US have made great progress in talks over the past 8 months.

He said the draft that the US presented back then was far different from what is on the table now.

Marandi noted that what Iran seeks is to make sure that the US will not be able to leave the deal without a price.

He noted that Iran wants all issues resolved, saying that it would be naïve of any country to expect the US to act sincerely because Washington has a long track-record of going back on its word.

The adviser to the Iranian negotiating team stressed that it’s the US and Europeans that must make an effort to convince Iran that they will keep sticking to their obligations.

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