A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on March 17

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Tuesday and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Thursday, March 17, was the last day Iranian papers were publishes in Iran. 

Most of the papers chose colorful photos on their front pages to felicitate the arrival of the New Iranian Calendar Year.

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s accounts regarding his administration’s policies for the coming year and the country’s economic developments in the year grabbed many headlines on Thursday.

Here are the top headlines:




  1. Iran puts conditions to endorse new Canada approach
  2. President: Iran ready for int’l relations
  3. Ministers’ resignation letters sent to Iraqi government
  4. AEOI spokesman: IAEO needs not inspect details of Iran nuclear activities
  5. Speaker: Economic upturn, chief parliament concern
  6. Anti-ISIL spokesman: ISIL seriously weakened




  1. Iran adds 2,000 seats to aerial transportation capacity: Roads minister
  2. Rafsanjani: Nation has the final say
  3. Iran regains lost oil market share: Petroleum Minister Zangeneh
  4. Zarif: ME border change will be apocalyptic
  5. Kerry: Syrian Crisis at a Turning Point
  6. AFC votes to hold Iran-Saudi Arabia games in third country; Penetration of Saudi dollars in Asian sports



Arman-e Emrouz:

  1. Rafsanjani: “1394 was nation’s year”

1394 is the current Iranian year which comes to an end on March 19.

  1. Details about Tehran marker fire
  2. Tehran Prosecutor reveals major scam case in Bank Tejarat
  3. Rouhani felicitates New Calendar Year: Spring of moderation, peace




  1. Blossoms of Hope




  1. Iran to maintain constructive interaction with world: Rouhani

Iranian nation hates tensions, confrontations, extremism: Iranian President Rouhani

  1. Iran military strategy defensive: Zarif
  2. Syrian opposition voice readiness to enter direct talks with Assad
  3. Rafsanjani underlined boosting domestic production for curbing smuggling
  4. Plans under way to sweeten Persian Gulf water for delivery to 18 provinces
  5. End-of-year fire festival kills 3




  1. Anticipating spring
  2. CBI reacts firmly to SWIFT opening deniers: Go see SWIFT room in banks




  1. Chief: IRGC has turned military, security threats to opportunities
  2. Republicans seek fresh sanctions in Iran missile test: Zarif
  3. Iran enjoying sustainable security for people in region
  4. 25m delisted from subsidy receivers
  5. Major scam case uncovered in Bank Tejarat




  1. Iran safe destination for investors: Zarif
  2. 4 new Iranian banks linked to SWIFT: Official
  3. 120 projects under way for emergency water supply
  4. Russian troops’ withdrawal from Syria was pre-planned: Iran



Jomhouri Islami:

  1. Rouhani: I hope next year will be year of intimacy, friendship between parties, factions
  2. Lavrov expounds on why Moscow withdrew troops from Syria
  3. Parliament speaker: JCPOA removed big hurdle in people’s lives
  4. Zarif: Sanctioners not concerned about nuclear arms; they fear Iranians’ self-reliance




  1. Iranian Nowruz in critical territories
  2. Western designs for Russian exodus from Syria




  1. Murmurs about fresh anti-Iran sanctions; US keeps dishonoring JCPOA commitments: Analysis
  2. Rouhani upbeat about UNSC decision to endorse anti-Iran measure




  1. The paper has garnered a list of famous men and women who made every viewer smile bitterly by their deeds.

“Top bitter laughing stocks of year”

  1. Leader outlines Iran’s top strategies for new calendar year



Rah-e Mardom:

  1. Iran ready for relations with world: Rouhani
  2. Zarif: Iran never uses military might except for defensive reasons
  3. Petroleum minister: Resistive economy fully observed in oil industry
  4. People will judge: Gen. Soleimani




  1. Iran to maintain constructive interaction with world: President Rouhani
  2. Trump warns of impending upheaval in the US



Rooyesh Mellat:

  1. Rouhani says upbeat about world’s denial of anti-Iran extremists




Felicitations for New Iranian Calendar Year




  1. New year must be year of political reconciliation: Rouhani



Sahib Ghalam:

  1. Momentous progress ensured by new oil contract model
  2. There comes scent of spring
  3. Persian Gulf FTZ raised steel output by 2.8mt/y




  1. Iran to finalize airbus deal next year: Minister
  2. Gas blast injures 39 in Tehran market
  3. Economic upturn continues: Rouhani




  1. Lessons of year 94, roadmap for year 95: Report
  2. Saudi fighters kill hundreds in Yemen



Abrar Eqtesadi:

  1. Iran plans for power export to Europe
  2. Iran non-oil exports up 17%
  3. First Iran oil shipment to call at Greek port by March 29
  4. Iran to finalize Renault deal next year




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