A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on January 20

A Look at Iranian Newspaper Front Pages on November 19

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Sunday, January 20, 2019, and picked headlines from 13 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

The top story in all papers today was the tense meeting of Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi with European diplomats in Tehran. New details reveal that he has left the room in protest to their comments on Iran missile tests.

Several papers also covered Head of Iran’s Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi’s criticism of non-implementation of SPV.  The Iranian official said why Europeans held talks with Iran if they had no influence on their companies.

The story of Press TV anchor and journalist Marzieh Hashemi’s arrest in the United States and the decision of the court to keep her in custody was another headline of papers today.

The above issues, as well as many more, are highlighted in the following headlines and top stories:


1- European’s Plan to Sanction Iran: Reuters

2- US Attempts to Stop or Destroy Missiles before Launch: New York Times

3- ‘Europe, China, Russia Must Offer More Tangible Reasons for Iran to Stay in Nuclear Deal’

4- Second Meeting of Trump, Kim Jong-un Scheduled for Late February: White House


Aftab-e Yazd:

1- Expediency Council Could Not Reach Agreement on Palermo Convention

2- Tense Meeting with Europeans

  • Araqchi Has Left Meeting in Tense Visit with European Diplomats


Arman-e Emrouz:

1- New Challenge in EU-Iran Ties

  • We Thought You Are Here to Talk about Your Laxity Regarding JCPOA: Araqchi

2- Romanian Sheep on the Way to Iran



1- US Congress Democrats Urge President to Explain Charges against Michael Cohen

2- Why President Rouhani Does Not Attend Some Sessions?



1- Waiting for Cash

  • Why Imran Khan Prefers Ties with Riyadh Rather Than Tehran?



1- 21 Dead, 54 Wounded in Bomb Blast in Colombia’s Capital

2- Head of Iran’s Foreign Policy Strategic Council Kamal Kharrazi Severely Criticises Europe’s Delays



1- Details of Unfinished Meeting at Iran Foreign Ministry

  • Iran Reports on Unexpected Visit of Europeans to Araqchi’s Office
  • Why Europeans Talk with Iran When They Have No Influence on Firms?: Kharrazi

2- Marzieh Hashemi Taken to Court for Testimony


Jam-e Jam:

1- If You Live Next to Iranians, You Will Love Them: Carlos Queiroz Tells AFP

2- US Court Says Marzieh Hashemi Must Remain in Custody



1- Launch of 576 Industrial, Mineral Projects During Ten Day Dawn

  • Food, Drug Administration Says 40 New Medications to be Unveiled During Ten Day Dawn

2- Native Indians’ Protest against US Government Cruel Policies

3- US Military Trains UAE Pilots Participating in Yemen War

4- Russia’s Warning to US about Re-launching of Star Wars



1- Marzieh Hashemi Has No Charge but Must Be Imprisoned: US Federal Court

2- Defence Might Deters War Not JCPOA: Ex-Diplomat

3- Macron’s National Dialogue Project Fails

  • Yellow Vests Return to Streets with Their Families



1- Warning Europe

  • Head of Iran’s Foreign Policy Strategic Council Criticises Non-implementation of SPV

2- Trump’s Impeachment Case

  • Belarussian Model Arrested in Moscow


Setareh Sobh:

1- Probability of Europeans Return to Trump

  • What Happened During EU Diplomats Meeting with Iranian Officials?

2- ‘Turkey Not Afraid of Genocide’

  • Syrian Kurds Supported by US

3- End of Silence of US Court on Marzieh Hashemi

4- Democrats after Impeachment; Hungry Staff in Food Queues



1- Story of a Tense Short Visit with Europeans

  • Iran Deputy FM Shuts Door, Leaves



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