A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Jan 28

Iranian Newspapers Headlines
Iranian Newspapers Headlines

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Thursday and picked headlines from 20 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Euro-tour is still catching headlines in Iran; the latest developments in the international arenas regarding removal of sanctions and opening up of new pathways for Tehran reach global markets were also highlighted by the Iranian press on Thursday.

Here are the highlight:



1- China calls for new UN measure against Pyongyang

2- Majlis Speaker visits infrastructures of Imam Hossein holy shrine

3- US warship leaves Iran’s drill area after warning

4- Deputy FM leaves Tehran for Ashgabat

5- Iran’s navy starts massive drill




Arman-e Emrouz:

1- France bows to Iranian moderation

2- Key of US ties in Washington

3- Reformists to radicals:

Rest assured, we will not pull back

4- Tehran sitting on time bomb

Head of Iran Red Crescent Society warns about earthquake

5- Russian planes incompatible with Iran climate





1- Obama signs executive order revoking Iran nuclear sanctions

2- Iran, EU nuclear talks next month: deputy FM

3- Judiciary Chief: 15m files proceeding in Iran judiciary

4- Rouhani in Italy: 1000 apologies by Saudis not enough

5- British Airways Tehran-London direct flights in 2 months

6- Fabius: Iran, France relations to fully normalize

7- Iran Navy: Iran warned US warship to leave war-game area

8- Iran FM’s efforts to facilitate trips of 400 Thousand Iranian expatriates in the UK





1- Signer writes of aftermaths of interview with satellite channel

Salar Aqili, a prominent traditional Iranian singer, had an interview with a satellite channel which spurred severe reactions inside Iran which

led to his disqualification from the prestigious Fajr Poetry Festival.

2- Wives of Iran diplomats mount charity flea market

3- Iran legalizes raise in train ticket fairs

4- Culture minister says Fajr films are very different from previous years





1- Illegal ownership of lands, mountains slops and sea shores diminished: Prosecution General

2- Judiciary Chief: Unregistered the deals reason behind most of legal disputes

3- Plane makers jockey to enter Iran market

4- Syrian authorities: no talks with terrorists

5- Lavrov: West’s excessive demands prolonged the talks





1- Rouhani: Everything ready for win-win Iran-Europe ties

2- Signature of 5 Iranian firms for electricity exports





Iran diplomacy train arrives in Paris:

Élysée red carpet for Iranian president

New chapter opens in Tehran-Paris ties after 17 years





No one was wary of Marcus





Paris hosts Rouhani




Rahe Mardom:

1- Unhealthy fast foods in Iranian people’s meals

2- Gov’t spokesman: Inflation still diminishing





Republicans serious threat to humanity: Chomsky





1. European JCPOA

-Deputy FM: Green continent keen on relations with Iran

– Tehran, Brussels to host future talks

– Rouhani’s tour to France, Italy opens new doors to Europe

2. Reformist figure calls on youths to vote in February elections

3. Editorial: Miracle of respectful rhetoric in diplomacy


Ebtekar daily



1. Rouhani in talks with French authorities

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Paris underlined opening of a new chapter in Iran-Europe ties.

2. Ban Ki-Moon: Israel land grabber

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday criticized Israel’s new plans for Jewish settlements in the West Bank and spoke of growing Palestinian frustration after 50 years of Israeli military rule.

3. No hindrance for Europeans’ activities in Iran: Washington

4. UN: Saudi-led coalition violates human rights in Yemen

5. Canada alters Iran policy

6. Gov’t Spokesman: 6th development plan, road map for country’s promotion.






1. Iran navy drill east of Hormuz Strait

2. Economic fete; Parisian partner

A report about President Rouhani’s Euro tour

Judiciary Chief calls for ban on import of foreign goods

3. Coldest, cleanest day in capital

Tehran is going through its cleanest, coldest days of the year.

4. Rouhani: Key to Iran, US ties in Washington

President Rouhani said had the key been in Tehran, Iran would have already used it.





1. Abubaker al-Baghdadi is in Iraq

2. Iran warns US warship

3. Canada lifts Iran sanctions





1. Syrian opposition in dilemma: Accept or decline Kerry proposal

2. Islamophobia, desecration of religious values assist terrorists: Rouhani





1. People’s health plaything of smuggled foodstuff

2. Resistive economy absent in 6th plan




Jomhouri Eslami:

1. French eye-catching reception of enhancing economic, political ties with Iran

2. UN chief slams Israeli settlements in unusual tone

3. Obama signs executive order revoking Iran nuclear sanctions




Iran rises 5 ranks in economic corruption: Transparency International report said




Abrar-e Eghtesadi:

1. Russia supports Iran’s crude export boost

2. London’s 50m pound credit line for Tehran trade

3. National British airliner returns to Iran

4. World Bank predictions slash oil prices by $14

5. Airbus overtakes Boeing in Iran sky

6. Iranian cars ground up in Oman with no cash investments

7. Iran finally launched first online TV





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