A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Feb 14

Iran Newspaper front pages

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iran newspapers on Sunday and picked headlines from 21 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy.

Iran has sent 4 million barrels of its oil to Europe. This was the first move by the country to show the world that it is serious about increasing its crude oil exports by at least a million barrels per day within a short period after the removal of sanctions. Aside from that, there is much excitement in political circles about the list of candidates for the Parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections in late February. Each political faction releases the names of their favoured candidates and tensions are running high between leaders of the parties in trying to convey the merits of their choices to the nation. The Munich accord, bringing rising hope for the restoration of peace in war-torn Syria, was also commented upon by Iranian papers on February 14, 2016.



1- US Congress approves North Korea sanctions bill

2- Iraqi Defense Minister, Belgian counterpart stress continuation of fight against ISIS

3- Syrian opposition receive ground-to-ground missiles

4- Mogherini to head large delegation to Iran in spring

5- ISIS fleeing from Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani

6- Single forex rate can stabilize economy and curb corruption: President





– Historic meeting of Orthodox and Catholic church leaders




Arman-e Emrouz:

1- Rouhani: No time for complaining now; everyone must vote

2- Gov’t spokesman: Can anyone qualify anymore?

3- Beggars flock to Tehran

On the coming of Nowrouz [Persian New Year], torrents of provincial beggars have flocked to the Iranian capital, Tehran.

4- Zarif’s frequent meetings with Kerry

5- Golden steps taken by reformists





1- Iran, US détente: correct path

2- Iran to host financial markets summit





1- Saudi FM calls for better ties with Iran

2- Munich Accord Promising for the Interests of Syrian People: Chairman

3- Medvedev: Russia-NATO relations have fallen to new Cold War level

4- IT Minister: No filters on social networks

5- No action taken against legal rallies: Interior Ministry

6- Female Iranian Futsal Player among the World’s Top 10

7- Digital drugs emerge





1- Rafsanjani: People demonstrate love for country, revolution in Feb 11 rally

2- Iran FM: Ready for cooperation with Saudi Arabia

3- Rouhani: Even our ill-wishers say Iran fooled P5+1

4- List of Assembly of Experts hopefuls announced





1- Rise of neurological disorders among youth

2- Rural population falls by 7%; 34,000 villages in Iran have been left totally deserted so far.





1- Interview: Iran envoy to Saudi Arabia speaks of Tehran-Riyadh tensions

“Saudi Embassy attack in Tehran wreaked havoc on Tehran-Riyadh relations.”

2- War of lists

Only 2 weeks before parliamentary elections in Iran, different political factions release lists of their candidates.





1- Nuclear deal provides grounds for confidence-building between Iran and West: FM

2- President: All country-loving Iranians upbeat about removal of sanctions

3- Vice President: Development not possible without strengthening cultural roots

4- Fresh gov’t incentives for boosting non-oil exports

5- Families of Haram [Holy Shrine] Defenders meet with Leader

6- Saudi jets stationed in Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base





Two Ayatollahs compete with each other

Ayatollah Rafsanjani and Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi have issued their candidate lists for the Assembly of Experts elections.





1- Assad warns against Riyadh, Ankara adventurism

2- Automobile market still bearish

3- No economic boom expected from nuclear deal: Senior negotiator





1- Employment, boosting production and business activities: Gov’t’s economic priorities for the next Iranian calendar year

2- Iran sends 4m barrels of crude oil to Europe

3- Historic reconciliation after 1,000 years of severed relations

Leaders of Catholic and Orthodox churches meet

4- Munich: Epicentre of Iranian, Western efforts to restore peace in Syria

5- Parliament Speaker: There are some who only oppose gov’t decisions





1- Cleric: Nation wants administrative action, not publicity

2- CBI focused on reducing interest rates

3- Leader: Martyrs killed defending Harams [Shrines] will be rewarded like two martyrs




Jomhouri Islami:

1- Biggest hurdle to Iran oil exports removed; US ends insurance curbs on Iranian oil tankers

2- Rouhani calls for single forex rate for next Iranian year

3- Zarif: Iran will not become a European consumer market

4- Vice President honours top entrepreneurs

5- First Silk Road train arrives in Tehran on Monday





1- Salar Aqili sings for nation

The singer was initially banned from attending the Fajr International Music Festival, after he had given an interview to a foreign channel. The ban was later lifted after efforts by Aqili’s supporters.

2- Direct Tehran-London flights to start by March

3- Medvedev: World in a dramatic state





1- Gov’t supporters in Parliament will not help administration in fulfilling its promise

An analysis of the lists of Parliamentary candidates is being released by different political factions. The article says that, in a case where government supporters end up in Parliament, the administration will not be able to fulfil its promises.

2- Doctors hold unprecedented rally in Cairo against police crackdown


Kayhan daily




Rah-e Mardom:

$400m cash to leave Iran during Nowrouz





– Real democracy not achievable with US hegemony: Russian theoretician

1- Iran a necessity in region, world: FM

2- Monetary control the chief factor needed to control inflation: President




Sahib Ghalam:

1- Rouhani: Sanctions took us back by decades

2- Iran imports 600k tons of rice

3- Iran plans to build refineries in Europe

4- Iran competing with Russia to supply Tajikistan with oil





1- President: They looted the nation under the pretext of sanctions

2- Red Crescent Chief: Some parts of Tehran more vulnerable than Bam to earthquakes

3- Iran hospitals lack 100,000 nurses





Iranian-born woman 1st female US envoy to Sweden


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