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100 Iranian-made products to be showcased in Uzbekistan; technological exchanges between two countries to expand

The Iranian vice-president for science and technology has departed Iran for Uzbekistan at the head of a delegation of Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies to expand the scientific and technological exchanges between the two countries.

Developing exports and focusing on trade relations with Uzbekistan and Eurasia is one of the goals that are being pursued in the trip by Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari and 40 Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies to Uzbekistan, a trip that can help sustain and prolong the commitments and cooperation that were foreseen under the memorandum of understanding signed between the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Innovative Development and Ministry of Foreign Investment and Trade.

Accompanying the Iranian vice president for science and technology are 40 knowledge-based and creative firms active in such technological fields as agriculture, animal husbandry, and health, which will develop their technological market and interactions in the region by taking part in specialized meetings with 150 peer Uzbek companies.

100 Iranian-made products to be showcased in Uzbekistan

Uzbek market hosts Iranian-made products

Among the other activities planned to take place during the trip is the holding of an exhibition in Uzbekistan of 100 Iranian-made products from 80 Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies.

The products will be showcased for Uzbek businessmen and managers of technological companies to facilitate the entry of Iranian knowledge-based and creative products to the market of the country and to Eurasia.

During the trip, Sattari will take part in the Iran-Uzbekistan Science and Innovation Forum and give a speech on Iran’s scientific and technological status at the event, which will also be attended by Uzbekistan’s minister of innovative development, technological companies, and tradespeople to help the market for Iranian products in Uzbekistan thrive.

100 Iranian-made products to be showcased in Uzbekistan

Facilitating the activities of Iranian knowledge-based and creative firms in Uzbekistan

Other planned activities are specialized meetings in order to familiarize Iranian firms with Uzbekistan’s rules and regulations governing the registration and activities of knowledge-based and creative companies active in the health and agriculture sectors as well as a workshop on trade with Uzbekistan.

The trip will be a good opportunity for knowledge-based and creative companies to introduce their scientific and specialized products and capabilities to Uzbek technological firms and develop their market in Central Asia’s most populous country, adjacent to the Silk Road, and take a big step toward entering the global market.

In recent years, economic and trade cooperation and investment between Iran and Uzbekistan have developed well and the profits of trade companies from both countries in technological fields have grown considerably; continuing that cooperation can have many financial and scientific benefits for the two states.

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