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Iran’s Kashan, One of Most Memorable Cities to Visit: UN Envoy

Gary Lewis, the United Nations resident coordinator in Iran, says the central Iranian city of Kashan, with a culture even richer than that of Isfahan, is one of the best places one can visit.

Foreign Tourists Visiting Iran’s Kashan

Kashan is a city in Isfahan Province, central Iran. With an approximate population of 300,000, the small city attracts thousands of Iranian and foreign tourists each year.

Historical Houses of Iran’s Kashan

The central Iranian city of Kashan is home to several historical houses with beautiful architecture and decorations. These houses, including those of Boroujerdis, Tabatabaeis, and Abbasis, are among the most interesting tourist destinations in...

Abbasian Historical House (PHOTOS)

The construction of Abbasian Historical Complex in Kashan, Isfahan, an Iranian central province, had been started by attempts of Haj Mohammed Ibrahim Tajer Kashi around 1245 to 1248 AH (1829-1831AD).

Fin Garden in Kashan (PHOTOS)

The Fin Garden is the oldest extant garden in Iran.

Windcatchers in central Iran (PHOTOS)

Kashan, a city in Isfahan Province, is home to windcatchers which used to act as ventilators.

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