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Iran, Turkey can bring about stability in ME

President Rouhani has said that close cooperation between Iran and Turkey could help ensure stability and security in the whole region.

Assad asks closer Iran-Syria cooperation to prevent US-Israeli plots

The Syrian president has said in a letter to his Iranian counterpart that the two countries share a will to develop ties on all fronts in the face of the Zionist-American plots.

President Rouhani: World has realized Syria fighting terrorism

President Rouhani has said that the crimes committed in Iraq have revealed the true nature of terrorists and the conspiracy plotted by enemies against the region and Islam.

Iran FM blasts ME countries on falling oil prices

Iran’s foreign minister has said that Tehran is ready to promote all-out ties with Iraq, adding that Iraq’s progress and security is intertwined with that of Iran.

Iran, Russia must be engaged to defeat ISIL: EU

Iran is an important regional player and this means that we will have to engage with Iran on regional matters, said Federica Mogherini.

Foreign meddling in Syria must stop

Ali Akbar Velayati, an advisor to the Supreme Leader, says that foreign interference is mainly to blame for the lack of stability and sustainable peace in Syria.

Israel must pay Iran for pipeline project loss: Arbitration panel

The Swiss arbitrator in its ruling in mid-2013 made a decision in favor of Iran and asked Israel to pay up to $100 million in compensation for the loss of the Iranian stake.
Mohammadi Golpaygani

The uprising of Karbala won’t be forgotten; Islam is a religion of compassion

The Chief of Staff of the Supreme Leader says IS terrorists and their American and Israeli masters pose the gravest threat to the Muslim faith.

UN must play real role in Syria crisis: Iran diplomat

Iran’s deputy foreign minister has expressed Tehran’s willingness to help advance a UN proposal for the suspension of fighting in the northern city of Aleppo.

Number of Karbala pilgrims to hit new record in Arba’een

Iraqi officials say they expect the number of pilgrims flocking to the holy city of Karbala for Arba’een to hit 20 million.

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