Sunday, December 4, 2022

IS, Zionists and Western neo-cons do not represent faith

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami says IS, Zionists and Western neo-cons do not represent religions.

When violence takes center stage in relations, the world turns into hell. That is the case today. Those who view the world as their personal possession take advantage of faith, art, thoughts and all major human and divine achievements to drive their illusions and serve their own interests. Today when the question of dialog among civilizations, cultures and faith is raised, one needs to ask who represents faith, civilizations and cultures; who can be a good representative; and who can get involved in dialog.

According to, former president Mohammad Khatami, who was speaking at a monthly meeting of Baran Foundation Tuesday (September 16), further said the sense of speech is what gives an edge to humans over other creatures of God. […] So when a person speaks, they do believe in the importance of discourse. […] Dialog becomes possible only when those engaged in it are willing to open their worlds to others.

Mr. Khatami, who was speaking at the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia on the anniversary of floating the idea of dialog among civilizations, said those who think they possess the world and those with closed identities cannot establish contact with others. Even if they are engaged in dialog, either they do not understand others, or they interpret the words of others the way they wish. Dialog belongs to those who are willing to open the doors of their worlds to others.

He stated those who do not welcome others in their worlds like to be sole speakers, because they just negate and eliminate others. What they see and know are their fossilized illusions and interests which are at odds with those of others. They don’t engage in dialog. Instead they eliminate others. The ones who are very powerful crack down on others and enslave them; those who are less powerful assassinate others. That is how the cycle of violence starts.

The former president said IS, Zionists and Western neo-cons are not interested in dialog and do not deserve to represent their faith. “Zionism is not a representative of Judaism; IS does not speak for Muslims, nor does it represent the Islamic civilization; similarly, neo-cons do not represent the Western civilization, or Christianity for that matter.

Khatami went on to say, “Naturally, artists, thinkers, and scholars who are not narrow-minded can represent cultures and faith. They were the ones who embraced the idea of dialog among civilizations. Of course, many politicians who were not interested in dialog had to embrace the idea of dialog among civilizations, but others continued to fuel war and violence. What transpired in the wake of 9/11 put a seal of approval on the veracity of dialog and the fact that communities needed it to carry on.”

In conclusion, he said, “Today humans need dialog more than ever before to get rid of the problems the international community is grappling with. I believe the human conscience which is sick and tired of violence, insecurity and humiliation is interested in dialog more than before. […] A closer look at what is happening now shows that humans have concluded that they need the kind of dialog that results in understanding; that they need to tamp down violence; and that they need dialog to either sideline bullying politicians or force them to embrace beauty and the truth.”


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