Saturday, September 24, 2022

Young Volunteers Disinfect Tehran at Nighttime

More than 2,000 young members of a religious circle in Tehran rush to disinfect various areas of the capital voluntarily every night.

Supervisor of the Hadath al-Hussain religious circle has told Fars News Agency that around 2,300 young volunteers from the circle pour into the streets of Tehran every night to disinfect the public places amid the outbreak of coronavirus.

Mojtaba Qaragozlou said the laborious task has exhausted the forces and requires more volunteers.

He said the religious circles and the forces from the Basij bases across Tehran have been working tirelessly over the past couple of weeks to fight against the infectious disease.

At first, the activities of the young men from Hadath al-Hussain religious circle was restricted to Shemiranat region, north of Tehran, but they gradually expanded the scope of their activities and began the nocturnal missions in all 22 urban areas of Tehran, he added.

The necessary disinfectants for sanitizing the public places of the metropolis are provided by the Iranian Defense Ministry.

Qaragozlou said the initiative in Tehran has encouraged the Basij forces and members of the religious circles in the other provinces and cities to carry out disinfection missions at nighttime as well.

The major public places with a high risk of coronavirus infection include the automated teller machines, parks, and bus stations, he noted, saying the nightly disinfection removes virus and helps contain the epidemic.

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