Friday, January 27, 2023

Water Flowing Again Beneath Ancient Barrage in Southern Iran

Following the heavy rains across Iran during the past few weeks, water has started flowing again beneath the historical Barrage of Amir or Band-e-Amir, located in Marvdasht near the ruins of Persepolis in Fars province, after many years of drought.

Amir Barrage was built in the time of Adud al-Dawla of Buyid dynasty who ruled Iran from 949 to 983 AD. The barrage is located at the end of Marvdasht Plain, 10 km south-east of Marvdasht County.

With downpours during this year’s Nowruz, the Kor River’s flow increased after years of drought and people came to see water flowing under the Band-e-Amir.

Here are photos of the barrage taken from IRNA:


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