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US Fixated on Anti-Iran Psychological Warfare: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarid says the US is resorting to psychological operations against the Iranian people and the country’s international partners, as Washington has been sidelined on the international scene over its withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

Speaking in a live interview with the state TV Sunday morning, Zarif said the US has been unable to achieve its goals following its pull-out from the nuclear deal.

Zarif said the US has taken contradictory steps regarding Iran, striking a harsh tone towards Iran, offering unconditional talks and then forming the Iran Action Group.

The foreign minister was referring to US President Donald Trump’s remarks that he is ready for unconditional talks with Iran last month and a group in the US State Department created earlier this month to coordinate the US pressure campaign against Iran.


US Contradictions

Zarif said the reason for contradictions in the US behaviour is that their expectations are not met.

“The Americans couldn’t believe they had faced a deal that is so robust that they cannot kill easily. They thought harassments will force Iran out of the pact or they could find pretexts to accuse Iran of violating the JCPOA,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

The foreign minister said the US’ main allies are currently standing against the country regarding the nuclear deal, except a few Arab countries and the Zionist regime.


Psychological Pressure

Zarif said the US’ failure in convincing allies to stand by its policies has forced Washington to focus on deterring international companies working in Iran from continuing their cooperation.

The foreign minister said Washington is also trying to disappoint Iranians about their future and stop their resistance against the US.

“Currently, Americans have focused on psychological warfare and are doing their best to place psychological pressure on Iranians and our international partners,” he said.

The US re-imposed parts of anti-Iran sanctions earlier this month, and is working to push the world to cut trade with Iran and stop purchasing the country’s oil before November, when further sanctions on oil and transactions with the central bank of Iran will be restored.

High-ranking US officials have also talked about plans to stage a media campaign against Iran, which includes creation of a Persian-language media outlet by the US government.

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