Friday, September 30, 2022

US Blocking Delivery of Medicine to Iran: Spokesman

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has dismissed the US’ claim that pharmaceuticals are exempted from the anti-Iran sanctions, saying Washington has practically halted the delivery of medicine to Iran and obstructed the activities of a Swiss channel for medicine transfers.

In remarks on Wednesday evening, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Seyyed Abbas Mousavi slammed the measures taken by the US authorities as “nothing but deception.”

“They opened a limited financial channel with hullabaloo but do not allow us to bring the resources we have in various places into this channel,” he deplored.

“We have been holding talks for three weeks with one of the countries in which we have financial resources, and they claim, emphasize and insist that the Americans are blocking this work and do not allow our resources in that country to enter into this channel so that we could use them in the current circumstances and purchase the items we need,” Mousavi explained.

“As a result, we deem that their (Americans’) words and claims are nothing but exaggeration and deception as long as they are not taking practical measures and the obstacles are not removed,” he stated.

Denouncing the US’ claims of support as mere slogan, the Iranian spokesman said if Washington is sincere in what it is saying, it must declare that the whole channels for the delivery of pharmaceutical and medical products to Iran are open and announce how the deliveries could be made without any obstacles.

“Despite their (US’) claim that the pharmaceutical items are exempted from sanctions, they have practically blocked the road, and even this Swiss channel that they have opened has limited resources,” the spokesperson noted.

“We requested them to allow our other resources in various countries to enter into this (Swiss) channel, but they declined,” Mousavi noted, stressing that the US must allow the Iranian nation’s assets to be included in the financial channel for the purchase of medicine.

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