Tuesday, April 23, 2024

UK hoping for final deal in Vienna, looking to enhance economic ties with Iran

A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office says the UK hopes a final deal will be reached with Iran in Vienna, enabling better economic ties between London and Tehran.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the spokesperson told IRNA’s reporter during a briefing that the sanctions on Iran were hindering trade but a final agreement in the course of the negotiations in Vienna would remove those obstacles and “would enable us to enhance our economic ties with Iran,” the Iranian news agency reported on Thursday.

London is looking to establish a “constructive relationship” with the Iranian government, the spokesperson said.

Iran and five of its international partners — including the UK — have been negotiating in the Austrian capital since 2021 to revive a landmark nuclear deal that was originally reached in 2015.

The Iran nuclear deal faced setbacks when the United States, a former party to the deal, withdrew unilaterally under ex-President Donald Trump in 2018.

Soon after taking office, however, the administration of US President Joe Biden expressed an intention to return to the pact. Since then, the US has been negotiating with Iran via the remaining parties to the agreement in order to rejoin.

Earlier this year, the negotiating parties took a break to allow political decision making.

Asked about the state of the negotiations in Vienna, the spokesperson for the British prime minister’s office said London believed that the negotiations had concluded and “a good agreement” was in hand.

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