Sunday, September 25, 2022

Two Projects Launched in Iran to Produce Coronavirus Diagnostics Kits

The Biotechnology Development Headquarters of Iran’s Vice Presidency for Science and Technology has announced that two basic knowledge-based projects have been submitted for the production of Iranian diagnostic kits since the early days of the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

These projects have already been approved, and the result of the studies will be mass-produced.
“With the help of biotechnology and innovation we will defeat Corona” is the title of a call by the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology to take a major step to tackle Corona.
Mass production of the two knowledge-based kit models is one of these measures.
Mostafa Qanei, Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarters of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, says following the release of this call, four basic knowledge-based projects were submitted to the Secretariat and two were selected to produce the corona diagnostic kit. These projects will soon reach mass production stage and enter the market.
However, these plans must first be approved by the Food and Drug Organization of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, and then companies must mass produce the kits within a week.
These diagnostic kits are expected to enter the market at a large scale and at an affordable price as soon as possible, and be available to hospitals as well.
“These diagnostic kits are not available in the country either, but they have begun to study in this area,” said Qanei.
These kits can identify infected people to start their quarantine process. Therefore, they can prevent the disease from spreading to other people, and we have put measures in place.
It is worth noting that this call is to bring together eco-tech activists and is a powerful and synergistic step in helping people and society fight the new Corona virus. It also helps empower the knowledge-based companies and startups.

Production of Corona Drug for Patients with Mild Symptoms

Qanei also announced the experimental production of medicines for the coronavirus by two Iranian knowledge-based companies for patients who were mildly involved.
“There are treatment protocols in the country and there is a lot of discussion about suspects, but now two companies have offered products that can be used to treat people through medicines manufactured in these companies.”
“There are two types of patients right now. The first have fever with positive corona test and the second have mild symptoms with positive corona test,” he said.
The drug produced is able to eliminate the disease agents from patients with mild symptoms of coronavirus, thus preventing the chance of the disease being transmitted to healthy people.
He stressed that mass production of these drugs is subject to the approval of the Ethics Committee and if approved, the testing of the drug will begin.
It is a compound of several herbal remedies that is prescribed to people with suspected coronavirus. It will have the least side effects for these patients.

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